Monday, May 30, 2011

Technology in Kindergarten

Ad from Leap Frog
What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word technology?  Is it computers? That is only one part of technology.  There is so much more to consider. As Alyssa Marie Davenport  states in her article Technology in Education: "Digital cameras, projectors, scanners and "Leap Frog"-type systems are also ways to incorporate technology into kindergarten." She also includes: Digital Cameras, Palm Pilots Language Audio Card Readers,  Televisions, Smartboards, and Microphones.
Chris Gathers talks about how technology has been the most exciting changes in her 30 years as a kindergarten teacher in her article: Using Technology with Kindergarten Students. Her article is full of examples of how she uses technology with her students.  She starts with "Mouse Practice" then uses the Broderbund program Kid Pix Studio Deluxe.

I have been exploring the possibilities of using iPads with younger children in the classroom.  The iPad seems very durable and easy to use and can be set up to use on and off the internet. 

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