Monday, December 8, 2014

Plan for the week - I will be at the new house today painting & removing wallpaper and waiting for our new bed!
People have said they would like to help but can't doing the lifting...we can use: so daycare for Tyler & James so Merri & Chris can help each day
On Thursday is the big move the boxes day - we have a few pickups and vans but the more people loading and loading will make the job go quicker.
Also help directing people at the old house and new house. 
Can always use help with the packing, wall paper removal and painting.
We will be having some munchies and a light lunch thanks to Moria for giving me the idea - she's bringing a soup - and we'll have some other things as well in the kitchen.
(childcare is covered right now just for Thursday, but as Chris & Merri are both out of a job they would like to help us move but we have found that is difficult with the kids around)
Thanks for volunteering and helping us out!
 Don't want to plan - feel free to stop by either location on Thursday (for other days give me or Leigh a call to see where we are!)
Old house 2210 Iowa Street
New House 1304 Laverne Lane

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