Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 2015

 I have learned an important lesson about moving today! Pack your boxes a few
months before you move and leave them to be unpacked about a year after you move and it is much easier to get rid of stuff!
 So I guess having all the back problems and the knee surgery does have a silver lining.
 Even though we moved last November, because of all my health problems I feel as if I just moved in and it is time to start unpacking! 
 With help from an old neighbor - Ruby, a new neighbor - Rebecca & her friend Hermione & my two grandsons – Tyler & James, we have gotten up most of our outdoor Halloween decorations.. I did not expect them to go up so quickly and so did not have time to invite others that have helped in the past – but be prepared for next year as I hope to be healthier and able to plan a date in advance!
 If you are over in our area please swing by to take a look anytime before November 1st! I have a little problem with some lights & I am missing the walking feet but as soon as that is done I'll post pictures! 
 Other news: House on Iowa Street sold during Ragbria, unfortunately we did not get anything near the appraised value, but am glad it went to a grandma that is trying to support her grandson! I hope the neighbors on Iowa street welcome him and his brother to the neighborhood.
 Wes & Bethany got married almost a month ago and are settling nicely into their new home in West Des Moines. I got a tour last Tuesday and it is a wonderful house! It reminded me of our first house in Glendora, California. Actually they have more rooms. It was good to see my granddoggies, Buddy & Achilles. They have been on a diet and have thinned down a bit! I can't wait to see the house when they have finished decorating and unpacking boxes!
 Chris, Merri, Tyler and James have relocated also to West Des Moines! They are on the third floor of an apartment building. Their complex has a small playground for the boys, an outdoor swimming pool in the summer, a dog park for their two puppies - Spike & Shorty. They are about 10 minutes away from Wes & Bethany. Merri's cousin Shaylia & family live close by. Merri is looking for a job in that area. 
 Jeff started a new job in San Francisco and is living in Oakland. He is collecting new stories & climbing.  He sold his car and is relying on the Bart system. 
 It is great to see the kids living their lives, just very tough to have them all be too far to drop by for dinner!