Saturday, September 3, 2016


To the left is a picture of one of our volunteers, she's bundling literature for our canvassers to give away. 
What prompted this blogging is a post my friend Pam put up on facebook, "If each person concerned about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States gave only 3 hours of volunteer time in the next two months, this disaster could be avoided. All Iowans need to do their part. There are lots of ways to help. You don't have to call people or walk to their houses if that is uncomfortable for you. So many people want to volunteer but don't want to talk on the phone or walking & knocking on doors!" 
Entering Data

Super Volunteer Olivia getting her T-shirt signed.

Super phone banker, entering data & making calls
So what can you do if you don't feel comfortable doing one-on-ones with other people??
Supporter Housing - got an extra bed or room or a couch to let a volunteer from out of the area spend a night or more?
Driver - can you drive? Our canvassers can do the job quicker if they have a driver plus we have some young kids that don't drive that want to canvass!
Donate - food, water, surplus garden items - the volunteer army really does march on it stomach and they really do appreciate snacks and meals! (if you are in Cedar Falls you can drop this stuff off at 1304 Laverne Lane & we'll get it to the phone banks and canvass staging locations)
Office work - we need people to put together packets of literature, walk & phone packets, plus we need someone to put the paper in the shredder! 
Greeting - Saturdays, we have a lot of volunteers coming and going and we need someone to greet the volunteers and to make sure they sign in and out!
ABR gatherers - An ABR is an Absentee Ballot Request form: our canvassers have them with them but our phone callers don't, so when we call and someone says they can't get out to get an ABR we take on to them. 
AB gatherers - In October we call people to see if they want us to gather up and turn in their Absentee Ballots to the courthouse for them. This is a fun job and actually how I first got involve in Iowa Politics. 
Event Hosting - Everything we do is an event, by opening your home to a phone bank or a place to canvass from gives us more visibility in the community. What do you need to do to host? Just have a space for us to gather, I've been at phone banks where the host greets me at the door, showed me where to sit and then   watched TV. I've been to others where the host calls on the phone or enters data or goes around and makes sure we all have water and picks up the finished sheets. 

Any questions?  

As Pam said it up to you!
Call Adam [817] 944-0132
or email me at to sign up!

p.s. If you do want to phone bank or canvass, we have 4 phone banks during the week (5-8pm) and every Sat (9am, noon, & 3pm) and Sunday (noon & 3pm) we canvass and phone bank. See you there!

Hillary Clinton for President
Tim Kaine for Vice-President

   Iowa Candidates
   US Senator  Patty Judge
   US Rep Dist 1 Monica Vernon
   Senate Dist 30 Jeff Danielson
   State House Dist 59 Bob Kressig
   State House Dist 60 Gary Kroeger

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